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Diabolo in Children's Book - Little Pear
« on: September 09, 2008, 11:02:15 PM »
Found this at a site called Collecting Children's Books: It's a book about a boy called Little Pear who among other things likes to diabolo.

Little Pear diaboloing on book cover:

Little Pear diaboloing in inside illustration;

The whole blog post is here:


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Re: Diabolo in Children's Book - Little Pear
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2008, 01:08:53 AM »
Thanks for the website, tom.  Interesting.

(Of course, people who read the blog as well will know that it's because Little Pear and company are all Chinese.  Coupled with the knowledge that diaboloing originated from China around 4000 years ago we can conclude that Eleanor was a person peculiarly interested in Chinese culture (like I am with Japanese culture  :D)...)
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