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Taibolo Light Kits
« on: October 15, 2008, 08:51:41 PM »
Seems like Taibolo has come out with light kits designed for the taibolo.   :o
anyone get them yet?  or at least any opinions on them based on the description and looks??? (see link for pictures)

Taibolo (Gong_Qun) can provide several types of Diabolo. The major products are listed as below: 
   2008 New Taibolo Product -- Taibolo-LED (Patent No.: )

    Taibolo-LED will be launched the market on October 2008 and its characteristics is listed as below:
    # Taibolo-LED is in shape of two cones joined together and one LED light box buried in each cone.

   Taibolo-LED's cone has five different colors.

   Taibolo-LED's LED light box has four different types;

       there are three LED light modules inside each LED light box.
    # Taibolo-LED is the best choice of playing diabolo or having a diabolo show no matter it's indoor or outdoor.   
    # The weight of Taibolo-LED is suitable for diabolo players including children.

   Taibolo-LED is beautiful and easy to assemble by yourself.

   In case you have different colorful Taibolo-LEDs,

       you can change combination of different color cones with different LED light box easily. 

Link to the page:


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