Author Topic: Quentin's crazy integral thing!!! This is, apart form ex gens, my favorite trick  (Read 3715 times)

Beni Ran

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     First off, this is the link to the thread where the movie is. At 0:30 is when the trick comes.

     Now, the tutorial:
          1- Make a right wrap on the diabolo, either by throwing the right stick over the diabolo in a CC suicide thing, or just wrap it.

2- Lift your right hand slightly and let go of the left stick. Then move your hand to the string leading to the right stick. When the sticks is at about 1-12:00(in your view), tug on the string with your left hand, causing the stick to unwrap from the diabolo and pop it slightly in the air. Keep holding the string afterwards with the stick swinging.

3- Take your right stick and bring it to the left UNDER the left arm. Catch the diabolo there. While this is happening, the left stick should be doing its second full circle.

4- When the left stick is at about 1-2:00 in the SECOND circle and is making a </ or (/ shape, like a diamond(without one side), lift right hand over left and as the left stick is at about 6:00, throw the diabolo and stick down in the same direction. Try and have some distance between diabolo and right stick. The sticks should be in roughly one straight line.

5- When right stick comes to right side at about 4-5:00, then take your right hand and place it in the middle, roughly, of the string. The string should unwrap from the diabolo and you pop it into the air. This is like a mini-gen with the right hand, the type of realease is probably the same. Then you let go with the left hand. This should cause a moment of hesitation in the right stick's cycle, and now the sticks are in a kind of triangle.

6- The mini-gen relese should cause a moment of hesitation in the right stick's cycle, and now the sticks will be in a kind of triangle. Left stick, which should be at about 8:00, is swung down by the  left hand to catch the diabolo like a left-handed mini-gen. Right stick should be rising.

7- As right stick rises, slide right hand up the string until the hand and the stick meet, at about head height. Do not drop your hand. Meanwhile, the left stick does a circle around the diabolo and you reach across your body with the left hand the catch it. Arms are now crossed and diabolo is wrapped once.

8- To exit, you throw the left stick. After one circle, its just a left-hended tug on the right hand's string(the beginning of a minigenocide) Finsh the mini-genociede and you should be done.

     I may easily have gotten something here wrong, so please do not rely wholeheartedly on me.

     If you do find a mistake, quote me and say that I made a mistake.

     If you are trying to learn this trick, make sure to look through the rest of the thread in case there is a correction there.


 VERY IMPORTANT: I have not yet learnt this trick myself, so my instructions may very well have been wrong in part. What I did was, slow down the video and watch the trick over and over as i dictated what he did. Then, I learnt part of it and made this post. I am not sure about anything after the release of the diabolo in step 5(i'm not even sure about the stuff before it). I have been working on it a little bit a day for a few weeks and have gotten up to step 8. Not very smoothly though...

P.S. I'd love to see a few practice videos. I'l see if I can help... and maybe i'll post a few,too. I'll keep you guys updated.



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