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New forum structure
« on: May 13, 2010, 02:27:45 PM »
You might have noticed that the root domain ( now directs you to a page on the "forum". Formally this page is the "portal" page. We're going to try having this act as the front page.

The former blog pages still exist. They are archived at and any links that point to the original URLs will be automatically redirected. Want proof? Click on this:

Perhaps at some point we will restart the blog in that form, but for the time being I'd like to try something else that hopefully will be better for all. I have a copy of the database so we can start right where we left off at any time if we'd like. To do that I think I'd need some people who would take over posting to it. If this ever interests someone, do let me know. I think the current structure is more future friendly. We can have a blog at, a forum at, and whatever else we decide to integrate.

I may look at pulling the content from the original blog over to an SMF blog which would then show up on the front page. Regardless, the old content isn't lost, but I may look at making it easier to stumble on. There are some gems in there that would be nice to keep easily accessible.

Currently, we can pick threads to highlight and have them appear on the front page. This requires a much smaller time investment on my (and other moderators) time. Additionally, I like how it provides a seamless experience throughout all parts of the site.

Anyways, enjoy the (hopefully) vastly improved service. The new hosting is more expensive (about 2.5 times more expensive) so I'll probably push donations and shirts a bit more strongly some time soon[nb]Big thanks to all who have helped with the server costs in the past.[/nb], but for now I need to get back to other things — setting up a virtual server from scratch has taken a lot of time!


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