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Questions on streetshows
« on: May 17, 2010, 09:22:04 PM »
Hey question..

I know that the sharpes from here have travled all over England performing an amazing streetshow! Wich contained awesome jugglingskills but most of performance skills.

Now I know that if they left out the amazing jugglignskills for just easy normal things and combining it with their performance skills. I think they would earn just as much money? Am I right on that? And that they have earned ENOUGH money to pay for their univirsity study..

Ok then..

My questions are:
1: Can you earn enough money in the summer in England with a streetshow if you perform it 5 - 6 times a day and everyday 6 days in the week all over England to live from a whole year?
2: If 1 is true.. Why don't more people try to write a streetshow and earn money with this? I know writing a good streetshow is hard.. But if you know you could earn ALOT of cash with it like if yur a student you can have more money then you earn if you have a small job 2 times a day at mc donalds..

I ask this because I wonder if I could earn alot of money with a good streetshow if I make one with friends.. I have the guts to do it and I'm sure I can write one if I do it with someone else..

And last question:
How much have people earned with it? Sharpes? Luke/paula ?


Why don't more people from here

Mark BMC

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Re: Questions on streetshows
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2010, 11:27:07 PM »

I want to start with a positive MAKE A STREET SHOW YOU WONT REGRET IT!


1] No
2] Because Students are pasta eating slackers
3] I'm part of a duo. Big plus is the overall experience is more fun with a friend downside is you only get paid half as much.
4] Its quite rude to ask people how much they earn.

I have my own street show that features diabolo I make four figures a year from it on a semi professional basis.

A few costs to consider
head mike -£200
PA - £350
Portable battery pack -£100
Attractive high quality juggling props £100
Suit - £300
Insurance - £200

I don’t want to urinate over your sliced potato fried but….. I wouldn’t want you getting your hopes up in terms of being able to support yourself in this country with a new street show. I do know people who make good money doing street shows in London and Edinbrough.

But they are pro’s with a polished act. I’m a year into doing my street show and after performing it over 50 times in front of an audience it is only now taking shape in terms of being able to cut it as a pure street show.

Make a show! Come to England! Just don’t rely on it to make you a load of money just rocking up around the country. If it does, then you rule and I will come and put money in your hat. I will write some more on street shows when I have the effort spare. Which may be November

Ps Things to do right now!

Get a notebook and write everything that comes into your head
-story board your show
-rehearse allot!

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Re: Questions on streetshows
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2010, 09:08:37 AM »
Big plus is the overall experience is more fun with a friend downside is you only get paid half as much.

I agree with everything that Mark BMC said. Even if I have performed just for a couple of weeks. But I want to underline that performing alone sucks, at least for me (I have only performed alone), I guess it depends on the everyone. But ending a show and just go sitting down alone to drink water and to count money alone...makes it much harder. Perhaps it is true that you can meet some new people because some of them go to speak with you or they invite you to drink a beer, but they would probably do the same if you are 2 or more people.
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