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The following are the 100 most viewed video threads on diabolo.ca (as of May 2010) from an analysis of the forum database. It shows the 100 most viewed video threads after controlling for the trend of overall thread views over time. It only includes videos from the main video section. Older videos are going to have a lower average views/day since they've been around for a lot longer. Newer videos are going to have a higher than average views/day. Some years there were more people using the forum than others. This analysis picks out the 100 videos (the red dots) that deviate the most from this trend (the red line). The trend line was derived from a generalized additive model using the mgcv package in R.

Update February 28 2013: A plot with the top 180 videos from 2004–2012:

Note the log scaled vertical axis.
The second plot doesn't precisely match the tables below. I ran the 2010–2013 analysis separately because I didn't want to touch the original table as posted.

Some of the usernames need to be changed to reflect the actual creator of the video. Also, I think it could benefit from a handcrafted section highlighting some of the great videos before the forum started. Suggestions for those? Two Loose in Toulouse for sure...

Niels, 10 year old BelgianNiels2004-11-27Quentin Bancel - 3 Diabolo JugglingQuentin2004-11-30Loop string videobarnesy2004-12-16
Ryo Yabe at WJFnorbi2005-01-11israeli nike video!AssaF2005-05-05Ryo Yabe WJF Profile VideoAndy S2005-08-04Feel Good Inc.Dai2005-08-20FEDC03 results (and Makky, Saito & others videos)sean_2005-08-27Video to celebrate the 10000th post!Arjan2005-09-03T.S.T!! my new vidéoTahia2005-09-25Czech Freestyle competition Ladronka 2005 edited videoCZ UFO Peci2005-10-01Drop And Changediabolumberto2005-10-04"Shirtless Man Doing Diabolo", by Jacob SharpesSharpes2005-10-06Favourite videosguppygould2005-11-26The Best of Circusplanet 2005Martijn2005-12-03
Silver Creek Jugglers---New video!Matt_2006-02-01Video of William! (from WJF)Timtom2006-02-20Ypres 2006Martijn2006-03-04BuskoNaturebusk2006-04-18my first diabolo movie {3 and 4 diabolos}dekel a2006-05-31Pure ownage perhaps? [mind blowing tricks inside]clickdeath2006-07-20"Better Together"Arjan2006-08-09D.ca Collaboration videoMartijn2006-08-15William's streaming videosRîkû2006-09-21 Imperfect Cirquelbusk2006-10-12Video: Sharpes '06 - "Wheels"Sharpes2006-11-06Video of a spanish forum circoforum.netDiaboloFeeling2006-11-11Ryo Yabe in TaiwanChristopher2006-11-24
The Best of Circusplanet 2006Martijn2007-01-01Hot Teen On Camsean_2007-01-23Diabolo.ca Video Tennis 1Martijn2007-02-14My short videos (Updated 4th January 09)Crackers2007-04-04Tony Frebourg 5d recordTony Frebourg2007-04-22Liquid LightsMartijn2007-04-30Matt Hall & Chris Garcia - Excalibur EvolutionMatt_2007-06-13To steal or not to steal (from yospin vid)looby2007-07-11Short and Longsean_2007-07-18[Busk]Smallbusk2007-09-04CaRnAgELaNgErZ2007-09-12Diabolo.ca Collaboration Video 2007Sean2007-10-02The Beat of the Diabolopranay2007-10-10 Choices...norbi2007-11-10Be SharpeSharpes2007-12-16SnowBound: DiaboloBrosDiabolo Bro2007-12-30
Arata's VideosArata2008-03-21"Up to the sky" - Documentarynoel2008-04-30[sigalit] Stepzbusk2008-05-06Useless informationk3nt1n2008-05-17L.C.A.B. (edit: What you didn't see in LCAB) (05/05/2009) De Hoest2008-06-24Martijn presents: Dang-Diggy-DangMartijn2008-07-20Vertax - down-vertax / four points vertax tutorialMarko2008-07-26Baghead: Living in DarknessBaghead2008-07-29CoNtInGeNcYLaNgErZ2008-08-03Malte²Diabolo Klon2008-08-15Juggling in Frankfurt 3pranay2008-08-18Do the Hokey Pokey!Will.2008-08-244 low from Jack Chen of MHD diabolo art Taiwanangela9452008-08-29"Whirlcool" - video by Ceri-AnneCeri-Anne2008-09-03The ''big'' FDC (Finnish Diabolo Convention) video threadNiclas2008-09-09It's Trickypranay2008-09-20Happy Oree Friends - Flight Of The Yohosorka2008-09-30EJC 2008 Diabolosparx2008-10-03Horizon by Clement and Petit LuPetit Lu2008-10-09Diabolo video: Leaves. By MarijnS4X2008-10-19Integral errorVeiviLate2008-10-28Magic wallhathaway042008-10-314 diabolos low practice by dekeldekel a2008-11-03Diabolo.ca Collaboration video 2008: "Work in progress"Martijn2008-11-17Lame. William Lame.Crackers2008-11-21
M4U - The TuneM4U2009-01-15Dialeteddednightwarriorjamxp2009-02-03New video by Ofek Shilton - 2,3,4,5 diabolosOfek Shilton2009-03-14La-la-land, a new video by Arjan & MartijnMartijn2009-03-21William Campbell - Australia's got Talent! Semi-Finals.Will.2009-03-25Turn It OutElkku2009-04-03New Video: Don't stop the rock.tk_tobe2009-04-10In Case of Emergency... A new video by JesseJesse2009-04-24Marijn & Martijn - The 5th ElementMartijn2009-05-14Arounddednightwarriorjamxp2009-05-19Teardrop Clément2009-05-31Encore du 3nutt5312009-06-09Greetings from Germany – diabolotreff.de Collaboration Video 2009Ace2009-06-10Sergej & Pranay - Wiedergekommen!!kamikace2009-06-14Diabolotri waitingvale2009-06-17FieldsElkku2009-07-24Sharpe Attack!Sharpes2009-07-30Epic Starts Here [Trailer]Martijn2009-08-24On and On [New Diabolo Video]Timaeschulze2009-08-29SagnatTiamat2009-09-02Tricka Technologydednightwarriorjamxp2009-09-282009 summer homework 「I love turn」tancle2009-10-083 Diabolo Ofek suicide trick - by Ofek ShiltonOfek Shilton2009-10-22Epic Starts HereMartijn2009-11-04Put Together BeautifullyJesse2009-11-16The french TouchClément2009-11-21Diabolo.ca Collaboration Video 2009Jesse2009-12-20

Update, Feb 28 2013: The top ~80 videos from 2010–2012:

Top 40 jugglers of 2009 voting is openLuke Burrage2010-01-13Fav vids of 2009Not Skilled Yet2010-01-16Awake - Diabolo video by hOOk3rhOOk3r2010-01-30My 4 diabolo 53*tino14022010-02-25Out of PracticeJesse2010-03-06Thomas September 2009nutt5312010-03-14Diabolo is a trip - 2010 version for Luke's video contestNico2010-03-16Tricks Without SticksDracodragon2010-04-11Hold On TightTobi2010-04-19BackstagesDonald the Trekky2010-04-21[Excalibur 3] by Axaros and Grumsaxaros2010-04-27A.M.C.B.B.Elkku2010-05-05Jungle Shadow (jtv + download version updated)noel2010-05-21The 100 most popular videos on diabolo.caSean2010-05-28PEH cup2010 1diabolo prop 1st Liu Wen xiong Crackers2010-06-03Sharpe as a Tack.Sharpes2010-06-142222Crackers2010-06-224 Diabolo low - New world Record by Ofek ShiltonOfek Shilton2010-07-23Guillaume Karpowicz - Purple clock, white prop.Guillaume Karpowicz2010-07-24Ofek 5d Low AttemptNot Skilled Yet2010-08-06FlutterbyJarle2010-08-14Official FDC 2010 videosMarko2010-08-18Double cheese and NuggetsClément2010-08-18Triangles - a video by Ceri-AnneCeri-Anne2010-09-17Bref... by Thomasnutt5312010-09-29Abandoning Burning ShipsTimaeschulze2010-10-192010 Collaboration Video: Call for Videos by Nov. 30thSean2010-10-218 Siteswaps with 4 diabolos by Guillaume KarpowiczGuillaume Karpowicz2010-10-24Adjectivesdednightwarriorjamxp2010-10-26Spin!visjes1122010-11-05GJB 2mataasi2010-11-06this this an diabolo movie???jacky2010-11-11william lin wei liang on tvjacky2010-11-28[bearing diabolo] Yang's championtancle2010-11-29SleepyheadJarle2010-12-112010 Diabolo.ca Collaboration VideoSean2010-12-24AmbitionsHåvard2010-12-26
Never ReleasedElkku2011-01-06Mirrorsgreg27092011-01-07Made in Taiwan [Trailer]Martijn2011-01-16ÅsåmJarle2011-01-25Brussels 2010 Diabolo !Donald the Trekky2011-01-27Taiwan Diabolo Collaboration 2010spryoyabe2011-02-02I.C.E.pietvansteen2011-03-082011327雙鈴招(2d video)spryoyabe2011-03-273 & 4 diabolo in slow motion 3000FPS by Ofek ShiltonOfek Shilton2011-04-03Animal crackersMarko2011-04-10(E)QUALITYMario2011-04-24Happy Up HereHåvard2011-04-25New Diabolo Performances( Arata, Aoi, Makky, and more)spryoyabe2011-05-20New 林韋良(William Wei-Liang Lin) Video(Includes 4d low)spryoyabe2011-06-07Bois de 20-scènes #2Donald the Trekky2011-06-26CɹǝɐʇıʌʇıYJarle2011-07-14Z.O.O.pietvansteen2011-08-15Perspectivesalbertalsacien2011-08-19Etiennne Lands a Feed the sun 3-4! First 4 diabolo feed the sun?AznnBoyaZ2011-09-05hum well just me! :DTahia2011-09-20The mental hospitalJarle2011-10-215 Diabolo - New world record by Ofek ShiltonOfek Shilton2011-11-19Albertcie-triobolo2011-11-28
VotW Compilations, since 2004luabduch2012-01-04Midterm Session 2012Icebox2012-02-187 days,7 trickshOOk3r2012-03-06Weekly TricksAbe2012-04-07Projekt NMNsamuli2012-05-08陳玠竹(Chén Jiè Zhú) 4d low (Possible world record?)spryoyabe2012-05-15Alexis & myselfdom.2012-05-31Free Your MindClément2012-09-141,2,3 Vertaxgrums2012-09-19NEW WORLD RECORD: 6 diabolos, 8 throws by Pieter SlachmuyldersScharling2012-10-02Join3dkampfjapanertaro2012-10-06Etienne Chauzy - Assemblage long versionDonald the Trekky2012-10-13SomedaysThe D2012-10-14The Diabolo Network - Diabolotreff Collaboration Video 2012spryoyabe2012-12-10Diabolo.ca Collaboration video 2012 - Watch it!luabduch2012-12-18Intermezzo - Etienne ChauzyDonald the Trekky2012-12-19 

That looks pretty, pretty, pretty awesome! :)

I ****ing love it! But what one was overall the most popular? Top ten maybe?


--- Quote from: Arjan on May 28, 2010, 10:00:45 PM ---But what one was overall the most popular? Top ten maybe?

--- End quote ---

It's a bit hard to tell because the older video threads had to stand the test of time (or at least rank well on Google, ahem, Hot Teen On Cam) whereas newer threads might have just had a spike of views during some heated discussion. In that sense this is approximate and it's hard to compare too closely across years. Using replies might be a better way because people don't tend to post in video threads after a certain amount of time. I've already played with that and will see about putting something together. There's so much that can be done with this data now that I'm dusting off my SQL skills!

We could do so much more if we new when each thread view occurred, but unfortunately we don't.

My point of doing this was to:
1. remind us about some of the old great videos we haven't seen in a while
2. help new people discover great videos
3. help people find videos that were around before they started regularly reading the forum.

Also, because it's all scripted, it can be easily updated, which is less work than having someone manually maintain this type of thing.

nice b ut no there's missing a Tijn & Indy vid!


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