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"Crêpes recipe" from Emmanuel Ribereau
« on: June 19, 2010, 11:28:02 AM »

Here it is. It has been now one year since I started practicing diabolo. My goal at the beginning was only to learn 3 diabolos and some 2 diabolos combos. But it then when I got 3 diabolo I wanted to do a show, not just a demonstration but a whole presentation. So here is the result after one year of hard work.
About the video, the first part is the "crêpes recipe" in itself ant the second part is the "crêpes throws". So if you don't understand french skip straight to part 2.

I'd be pleased to here your impressions.

Part 1:

Emmanuel Travail d'Année 2010 Part 1

Part 2:

Emmanuel Travail d'Année 2010 Part 2


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Re: "Crêpes recipe" from Emmanuel Ribereau
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 01:48:46 PM »
Salut Emmanuel!
woow for me this a real piece of work you got here! First of all, in 1 year of practice you really got a lot of stuff to show on a skill point of view! Plus this a performance video so i assume you didn't show all your skills in it.
Regarding the act itself, I think this a very well thought performance. Was it the first and single time you were performing it?
As I am french, I took the time to watch the first part of the show which for me has a lot of potential. You ve been really able to involve the audience in your story and play with all the events happening (Marcel, the drops etc...). It is very interesting to see that this kind of theatre/skills acts really have a future! I really hope you will push your researches in this kind of act because for me the best performances are the ones in which you communicate people a story, some emotions, some fun! You got all this already!
Maybe the second part was a bit long as you shown already a lot of 2d tricks on the first part but it was not that disturbing.
Continue comme ça mec ça déchire!


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