Author Topic: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)  (Read 7318 times)


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Re: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)
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Re: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)
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yeah its really weird i know!

and i also know this is theoretically impossible but it happend twice.....: :o

i don't think there is anything wrong with them, i have them for almost a halfyear now and the first time it happend was 4 months ago and they still do fine...


VERTAX is only rubbish if you suck at it, (most people do)(me too)


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Re: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)
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if you tighten your bolts TOO much on a bearing diabolo it WILL turn into a ZOMBIE!     :o oh noes!

jus kiddin folks ! it can turn your beloved bearing diabolo in to a FIXED axle !

try to slacken the bolts a slight bit ?

if im wrong , its NOT my fault


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Re: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)
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Hi guys ,  Sean and Tipper have advised me to buy finesses G4 diabolos in my last topic on gear , and i m really happy because i ve bought it and they re awesome diabolos (thank you again).But there is only one problem.When i do chinese accelleration or almost all tricks and accelleration with the "wrap" after 3\4 seconds the string get twisted violently around the axel ( infact one time i ve missed  the hold of the stick and it has hurt my head ). This thing it s happened also to my friend that have a G3 and a G2 but with jazz or vision this doesn  t happen. It s a normal problem that all finesses have?? If yes it is solvable??
Please help me and answer


( I m sorry if there are grammatic mistakes but as you can see from my nick  i m not english=)


I bought G4s too and it is a normal problem

it took me 2 days of full practice to get used to it and add the fact that I'm a beginner so even worse (I just bought my first pro diabolo some days ago, I used only toys)

The maximum amount of snaps I've made is 30 (acceptable for speeding up but for vertax I suck O.o)

I think it needs a little practice and can be managed with time. Try to put the direction of the right stick in the direction of the snap and the left stick behind and far from the diabolo but not that far to make the string go tense. (this is the only thing that has worked for me)

good luck
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Re: Problem with finesse G4 (wrapping up)
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OK. Just to clear things up for the poor confused forum user who stumbles in this down the road: there is nothing unique about the Finesse G4 when it comes to wrapping up. *All* diabolos will wrap up with any combination of worn out or thick string and poor technique. Proper technique means putting an angle on the string so the two sides don't touch on the bottom.


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