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best diabolo string
« on: March 13, 2011, 05:32:46 PM »
I was just wondering what string people use with their diabolos and what they thought was the best. Also is there a best string for each diabolo.


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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2011, 05:47:06 PM »
As long as you buy from a A-class brand (henry, mister babache, sundia, taibolo) you'll do fine. These are all quality strings.
For example I use henry's green. Some people swear by henry's yellow. So it's mainly personal preference. You can look at the colour you like most. If you have to preform with it i'd recommend yellow string.
but there barely is a difference.


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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2011, 12:41:37 AM »
Buy Henry's string (Mr. Babache string sucks a lot.)
There are three kinds of Henry's string, and I've used them all for extensive periods of time:

1. Henry's Neon: This comes in both green and orange (I've only ever used the orange, but they're supposed to be identical), and this is pretty good string. However, it's really stiff, which makes slack whips damn near impossible. It wears down to a perfect state after about a day and stays that way for about a week. Then the grittiness sky rockets, but not too badly. All in all it gets a B.

2. Henry's White: Really flexible allowing for slackwhips to be pulled off with ease. This string starts off decently smoother than perfect and then dies in less than two days to such an extent that I've had it wrap up when there isn't even a wrap on the diabolo. It gets far grittier than the neon. I've had to replace my string twice in one day before. However, it is cheaper than the rest and thus manages to pull off a C-.

3. Henry's Yellow: The holy mother god of all strings ever. Very slightly stiffer than white, but just a tad. I can still do J-whips 100% of the time with this stuff. It starts off way too slippery, but after ~2 hours becomes perfect. And stays that way for a week and a half. Then it slowly disintegrates down to a point where it is slightly grittier than perfect, but definitely within the usable range. I ran out of Henry's yellow about three months ago and have had the same piece since then. Still good. A+

All of these strings are high quality (some higher than others) and break rarely (as long as the tips of your sticks aren't covered in scratches.)
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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2011, 04:31:58 AM »
Don't get sundia string or sticks. They are very obnoxious to replace, and it takes 80 times longer.
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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2011, 01:15:33 PM »
Mr. Babache string sucks a lot

It's all up to preference

Try asking Crackers if Mr. Babache string sucks? He rocks that ****.

The best kind of string really depends on where you practice, how much you practice and what you practice.

I've used pretty much every kind of main-stream diabolo string, and this is my thoughts about them:

1st of all, the mother of all strings (IMO):

 Henry's Yellow (non-fleck)

Summer practicing outdoors: Takes about 30 min - 1.30 hours to wear into perfect state, deadly slippery untill then but some people like that.

Fall/Spring practicing outdoors: Takes approximately 30 minutes to wear in, can be ruined in anything from 5 hours till 7 days depending on rainy weather or what ever you want.

Practicing indoors: I've found myself playing diabolo several hours a day and still having it in the slippery state for 2 weeks. (Slippery state is where its practically impossible to do a 3d hover) Though some people might like that, I just dont.

Henry's Orange/Green (non-fleck)

Practically the same as Henry's Yellow, but I've noticed that it wears out a little quicker. (Something to do with the composition of the dye?)

Henry's White

Now, this was the first string I ever played with and it's quite different from the other henry's strings.
It starts off quite rougher than the other henry's and kind of absorbs dirt, making it extremely bad.
My advice: Dont use it...

Mr. Babache Yellow (or any other colour for that matter)

This is a string quite different from henry's. I've noticed that it stretches slightly (or at least feels alot like it) making it feel super smooth.
It's perfect for pretty much all stuff directly out of the roll. If you have the technique right, that is. With a bad technique, this string can and will wrap up pretty often. Doesn't really wear out to be super gritty, rather than snapping at some point.
My advice: Use this string if you have a proper technique and want to cosplay Crackers.

Taibolo White

Oh boy, now we're talking. This stuff is IMO perfect as long as you practice indoors only. It stays the same state at any point, and feels good for all kinds of diabolo right out of the roll. The durability is brilliant and have played with the same piece of string for almost 2 months without any problems at all.
If playing outside with it, it will wear down, and most likely snap too in a couple of days.
My advice: If you only practice indoors, this is the string for you.

Sundia String

I haven't played with this that much, but what I found is that it's a mixture of Babache string and Henry's. It can wear down incredibly fast, or be in a perfect state forever. Also comes in millions of cool colours.
My advice: If you want something that feels like a mixture of those strings mentioned above, get this.

Hope my post was helpful. If it wasn't, you just wasted your time reading something utterly useless so HA-HA!
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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #5 on: March 14, 2011, 04:45:41 PM »
Thanks for all the advice really helpfull


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Re: best diabolo string
« Reply #6 on: March 15, 2011, 05:25:21 AM »
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