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Thanks. As an answer for your the gear questions...

On normal day the  equipment is: Henry's Circus with Ultra Leicht Kit (wider and lighter) by J├╝rgen Kreisz, custom made Hickory wooden sticks and Henry's neon yellow string measured from floor to my collar bone. Nowadays it's 2-3 cm shorter than to my collar bone. String can be anything from new to old I don't play with big speeds so tangling isn't a problem.

On bearing day I use: A modded diabolo, it's the same as Langerz uses. So Spinabolo Pro cups, Fly single bearing axle system with the black aluminium axle kit installed. Sundia bamboo effect sticks and Henry's neon yellow string. String a 5-10cm shorter than usual. String rubbed really hard to bottom of shoe to wear it out and bend better when doing slacks.

WOW u dont use any classic Gear huh? besides the carbons i mean!
Do the spinbolo cups function etter or are they just nicer? and does the henrys neon yellow string get like "kinky"?
i had the orange and it go really kinky and annoying!


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