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string issues HB string
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:43:52 PM »
heya ! my first post :)

im dutch and on an internship in canada and stupid me .. forgot my diabolo lol own a henrys jazz + henrys alu sticks and red/yellow mix henrys string that came with the sticks (i left all that i  holland).
since im going back in july and wanted to get some practice in be4 that i though id just buy a cheaper (and ofc slightly worse) diabolo and mess around with it a bit. so i bought a  higgins brothers virgo (their own brand supposedly similar to a henrys circus). and i like the diabolo its not as well made as a henrys but what would one expect. and got some free crappy sticks from em aswell. only problem i have is that the string is really grippy and the diabolo wont spin on it at all (you probly know that hehe).

so i was wondering if there is some1 near kemptville (ottawa region) that could gimme like 2 meters of string (im more than ok with paying you for it) so i can just use proper string because this higgins brothers string isnt any good at all ! its pretty thick 2.. atleast i remember henrys being thinner.

thanks !

dutchman in canada.


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