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bloody clown integral
« on: May 26, 2011, 04:29:49 PM »
Hey all, Been away for a while but finally picked up diabolo's again!
Now for years of trying I still can't do this trick..

Could someone write me this trick out in detal in text?

I always catch the genocide btw!
And 1 question: If you have a green and pink stick. And you do the infinite with your pink stick do you have to catch the pink stick or the green stick after the integral?

Hope I can find out what I am doing wrong or what to do correctly if someone can write it down!

Ramon ( Going to EJC Btw! )


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Re: bloody clown integral
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2011, 10:10:03 PM »
You would catch the green stick after the integral. I'll try and explain it but its fairly complicated:
(for Righties)
Doing a normal infinite suicide, pop a nice high genocide out of it (I find that it helps if the genocide hits nearer to the stick that I'm holding, not sure if that's just me or not). Let the genociding stick swing around the diabolo so that it gets one wrap on it. As the genociding stick is just finishing one revolution around the diabolo and there is one wrap (normally a left back-wrap) you want to pop the stick in your right hand out to your left (it will travel counter clockwise, same as the other stick that's just completed the genocide). You want to be popping the stick when the genociding stick is at about 3-4 O'clock from your perspective. When you pop the stick to the left, you want to be grabbing the sting about a 40cm up the string from the stick that has just done the genocide with your right hand. The stick you popped, should now be undoing the wrap that the genocide put on the diabolo. As it does this, you want to be swinging the genocide stick towards the diabolo so that it does a sort of mini-genocide as the other stick is unwrapping. As the mini-genocide completes, grab the stick with your right hand straight back into infinite suicide.

Hope this helps.


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