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Let's get it started!
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Re: Let's get it started!
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Right then, I have be completely honest and say the editing was not very good at all... very amateurish. Let me explain... didn't really get why you put the lyrics of the song into the video. A whole page of the word runnin' really isn't appropriate or enjoyable to watch. If you want to use the basic effects that come with simple video editing software (you did so at 42 seconds about) try to use something simple and a little bit more stylish like perhaps a fade?! Most of the other ones come across as cheap and tacky so I'd leave them out if I were you. Editing is more than you putting the clips together, you need to plan it out more in the actual filming. Every shot was from the same perspective (on the floor, not a very good perspective) and most of the shots were in the same place entirely. Also, not sure what camera you are using but the quality isn't very good and a lot of the shots you cut the top of tricks out. The song choice was better than it has been but I don't think it really suited the style of the video. ( I wont say too much about this as its all personal preference really). One of the shots at the end where you tried to do some scenic filming (around 1:42, again really terrible transition used) I also didn't really like at all. I can see why you did it, as a lot of diabolo videos have shots of scenery but this is generally relevant and follow the theme of the video. The problem I had with your shot was that it was of a pretty unattractive building followed by some gravel. Both not very exciting things to look at, nor were they tying into your video in any way. The shot was also very poorly filmed, shaking everywhere and seemed like it was possibly inspired by the blare witch project. I found the whole video kinda dull ( in colour) it was almost grey which didn't suit the jolly song you choose at all. All in all, I can see you are trying to follow what other people are doing, which is good, you just need to focus A LOT on filming nicely, bringing everything together with some sort of context and using cleaner more professional editing techniques.


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