Author Topic: 2 Taibolo v2 (or glary) vs. 2 Finesse g3. Witch ones for double diaboloing?  (Read 2068 times)


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Yes, so ive got a finesse g3 with the wider axel and a sundia triple bearing and id want something good for 2d. And i thought about buying a second finesse and a JC's kit for both of them. But the question is that should i maby buy two taibolos instead of the finesse? PLEASE HELP ME! :P


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complete preference. i would say taiabolo v2 (because thats what i use) but many other people would say finesse's
i learnt on circus's it all about how you like to spin what weight feels right for you ect...


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I would say Taibolo too mainly because of how it controls (it turns like a heavy diabolo if that makes any sense?) and the cupsurface is bigger. But yeah it's preference.


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