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Beginners Performance Guide
« on: April 09, 2012, 09:00:20 AM »
I also posted this in the PERFORMANCES catagory (under the name "performance tips") but i tohught i'd post here as well.

Hi All!

I performed for my 1st time with my friend last week at a school assembly in front of 1000 people, so i will try and give all you first time performerss some tips.

Try and come up with a basic outline for a rountine. Just think of some easy tricks that people will enjoy (but always start and finish with an eye-catching hard trick like Excalibur, integrals, double sprinklers, hyperloops etc), or if you can't think of many easy tricks try make a simple combo that is smooth and continuous.
So far the rountine should be something like this:
-Opening trick (one of the hardest you know, but make it a 1D trick to start)
-3-5 simple tricks or a small combo (take this slow to stretch out the routine abit)

Next add in 2 diabolo. If your performing for a non-juggler audience hold up the 2nd diabolo above your head showing the audience that much can be done with a "toy" and sticks/string (if it is a juggling/diabolo audience just start 2d).
Throw or wrap start the 2nd diabolo and gain some speed and hold the shuffle for afew seconds. Make sure you know around 5 2d tricks that are smooth and you can do easily (suicides, leg-stalls, inverse-trapezes, hook-stalls etc). You can perform these 1 by 1 with a shuffke in between or as a longer eye-catching combo.

When you are finished with 2 exit the shuffle by tossing the diabolo back up and catching in your hand. Afterwards do some harder 1d tricks (infinite suicides is always a crowd pleaser, mini-gens, genocides etc), probably no more than 3. Then for the finalle.
The final trick or tricks should be the hardest you know and a good eye-catcher is always excalibur (vertax) tricks. Go up towards the front of the stage and do an excalibur sun combo or something similar (but when doing vertax tricks like genocides, cup-gring whip catchs move back because you don't want a diabolo hitting someone in the auidence (happend at our show :O)). When you are finished walk to the front and take a bow.
So routine should be like this:
-Opening trick (one of the hardest you know, but make it a 1D trick to start)
-3-5 simple tricks or a small combo (take this slow to stretch out the routine abit)
-3-5 two diabolo tricks (or in a combo)
-Up to 3 advanced or good looking tricks

This is just what my friend and I did (i didn't include any passing or 3d), you can adjust whatever you like as this is just a basic structure.
If you have a friend or 2 definately add in passing (can be normal throws or a finalle like we did with excalibur passing). If performing for a non-juggling audinece we didn't bother with 3d as they don't know how hard it really is (if it is a juggling audience you can add 3d if you want).

I think a diabolo performance should be longer than 5 minutes (unless a special event or you are asked otherwise). We used 2 short Skrillex songs (not my choice) but techno/dubstep music seems great for live performances (especially with lights).

Final tips:
Practice your rountine and know it off by heart.
Try and have 1 drop maximum.
Take your time when performing, don't rush, take it slow and go through each trick smoothly.
Before performing take some deep breaths, drink some water and make sure your hands aren't sweaty (#1 cause for drops in performnaces i think are nerves).
Have a back-up plan if you stuff up (we had extra diabolo pyramids on each side othe the stage so if one of us mucked up we could just grab another diabolo. Also have an extra pair of sticks or string (off or on stage) incase of serious knots or string snaps).

Well thats it (really sorry for length of post), but i hope it helps.

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Re: Beginners Performance Guide
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 03:15:02 PM »
i just started street performing and it is hard to do random stuff. I do have my own combo :D But these tips are great! The thing is... i cant do Excalibur and only a little bit with 2 xD But i am practising 2 for a year and Excalibur i looked up :D i am going to practise! thnx for the great help ;)


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Re: Beginners Performance Guide
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2012, 02:00:13 AM »
Thanks for the reply, glad to help!  :)
When my friend and I did our first street performance (which was before we performed on stage), we didn't have a routine either so we just did any trick we could think of and people still enjoyed it!
With good practice 2 diabolo can be done easily and basic tricks will follow.
As for excalibur (most people on the forum call it vertax) isn't really essential in a street performance (space is a main reason). It will take practice to learn excalibur/vertax and keep it steady.
If you didn't read it already here is the trick guide i wrote:

Thanks again for the feedback!  :-D
I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.


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