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Hey diabolists!
The first tutorial of "Malabarize-se" is online!
It's not about diabolo, but we'll have diabolo tutorials in the future, so it'd be awesome if you could watch it!
It has english subtitles!
Please, tell me what you think about the teaching, the juggling technical
aspects, the editing, lighting, recording... well, anything!
Feedback is highly appreciated!

Malabarismo com 3 bolinhas - aprenda agora!

Thank you very much!


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Nice one but for me the best one is
so after watching Garfield there is no need to comment... anyway good work :-D


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I've watched this tutorial before, but I wanted to keep it shorter and simpler.
I also avoid saying things like: "Don't do that" or "This is the correct way".

When it comes to juggling, there are lots of different ways to learn, so, imo, it's better to let each one discover yours.


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But it's good to mention common mistakes ("Don't do that") so person who is learning could do it faster and don't learn on his own mistakes... that's also a point of tutorial for me...

I called it "best" because there is everything from A to Z including things you can see only after teching a bunch of people (you know yours and their mistakes/problems) not just being able to do a cascade and try to learn someone (it's not about you :-P)... I would even say his tutorial is for people who wan't to learn people and yours for those who want to just learn cascade :-D


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I get it.

Idon't think that 'common mistakes' equals to "don't do that"
And I'm planning on doing a 'common mistakes' session in the near future, in more complicated tricks.

By now, I prefered to let the viewers have the option of commenting or sending a video response if they have any doubt.

But I undertand your points.


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