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'The Big bangér theory' DIABOLO.CA collaboration video for year 2020 is finally here. So Santa brought gifts early this year. Most likely Youtube will ban all the music so here's also vimeo link: https://youtu.be/GePMGJIWT5g

'The Big bangér theory'
DIABOLO.CA collaboration video 2020
Edited: RK-62

Marko Akkanen (FIN)
Stephen Langley (UK)
Jeisson Sarmiento Gepeto (Colombia)
Johan Juslin (FIN)
Eetu Ranta (FIN)
Petja Päivärinne (FIN)
Aaro Kontio (FIN)
Igor Pritykin (RUS)
Marat Akhmetzhanov (RUS)
Marius, Cirstobal (NL)
Laurent Marchal,
Richard Veldkamp (NL)
The Void (UK)
Nata Diaz (Colombia)
Stephen Kuo
Martín López (Galicia)
Martin (UK)
Susannah (UK)
Noe (France)
Hock Eng (Malaysia)
Hock Ooi (Malaysia)
Jannis (NL)
Cloe (Vienna)
Chris Garcia (USA)
Rauli Katajavuori (FIN)
WIS (Poland)

gang banging tunes: Barenaked ladies:  Big Bang Theory Theme, Bombfunk Mc’s: Freestyler, Muumiponi: Poika saunoo

HAppy holidays everyone! <3 Peace and love and all that ****! Keep it together.

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